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An aviation group steeped in entrepreneurial spirit...
Two commercial pilots, Manny Rosario and Brian Burchartz, started Enterprise Air in 1994 armed with their experience in flight operations to serve primarely the automotive industry through expedite air cargo flights. 

As the company grew from its modest brokerage debut, it started its own flight operations and quickly incorporated additional services as it attracted an increasingly varied clientele. An aircraft maintenance company joined the Enterprise Air hangar, a flight school was launched and executive flights started to take place with managed corporate aircraft even as plans with rapidly growing French  Proteus Airlines started to take place..

As the company fulfilled its  vision to expand into its current top of the line aviation facility, it also corporately consolidated its various services .  

Now operating in North America and globally on 7 continents, even to the most demanding part of the world such as Antartica and Africa, Enterprise has proven to be a solid experienced based company which is continually strengthening as the prime aviation operator at YOO - Oshawa Executive Airport.

The "Enterprise Aviation Group", operated by EntAir Inc., is now positioned as a well rounded corporate structure to pursue its organic growth and strategic expension into new markets and new aviation services as it continues to serve its long term aviation clients in the private, business and commercial aviation markets.
The Beech 18 was one of the first cargo aircraft of Enterprise
The state of the art Basler T67 Turbo prop on ramp
Business Aviation services 24/7
Manny Rosario, Founder - President
Manny first flew as a commercial pilot with corporate aircraft operators in Canada and has logged extensive jet flying experience.  He has carried the vision of the company throughout its various stages of development.  His quiet personality does not hide the tenacious spirit of an authentic and seasoned aviation entrepreneur.  Manny has  delegated the management of day to day business to Enterprise's new Director of Operations, after holding this responsibility for over two decades.
Brian Burchartz, Founder - Chief Pilot
Brian's aviation carreer spans over decades of aviation experience boasting an more than 17,000 hours behind the flight controls. He holds an ATP License in Canada and the United State and is qualified as a check pilot on the DC3-T and the FA-10.  Highly respected within the aviation community, Brian was one the founders of Enterprise Air and boasts over 20 years experience in operating aircraft in polar regions. As Enterprise's Chief Pilot, Biran has been overseeing all flight operations, pilots' training and regulatory aspects.
Andrew Noonan, Director of Operations, Pilot
Andrew has been with Enterprise since 2007.  An experienced pilot with  Airline Transport License (ATPL), Andrew has covered all 7 continents and executed multiple ocean crossings  as a captain on Enterprise's Baslers BT 67.   He is also a training captain on the DC3-T.  Having accumulated an in-depth knowledge of overall flight operations, Andrew was recently approved by Transport Canada as the new Director of Operations of EntAir Inc., an extensive portfolio of responsibilities answering his contributing talent.
Martin Proulx, Director Of Maintenance
Martin is the Director of Maintenance of Enterprise and maintenance manager for the Durham Flight Centre. His extensive experience includes type ratings on classic Falcon aircraft such as the Falcon 10/100, Falcon 20, Falcon 50 as well as the Falcon 900. His leaderhsip function emcompasses maintenance, avionics and the component departments. He has accumulated 30 years of aircraft maintenance experience  and has held the position of DOM for the last 20 years