Discover the spectacular 

More than a conversion, it is a renewed DC 3 propelled into the world of advanced aviation engineering, state of the art avionics and cutting edge powerplant from Pratt & Whitney. 

Now approved by Transport Canada and available for immediate sale in Canada  by Enterprise Aviation Group.

Enterprise Aviation Group is pleased to introduce you to the latest addition to its globally operated fleet, the  Preferred DC Turbine 3. 

We are one of the most experienced DC3 turbine operator in the world, having covered the entire globe for nearly two decades even to the most inhospitable regions of the earth such as Antartica. Resting on our experience, we are now presenting you the most advanced DC3 yet,  a true 21st century aircraft, rethought and renewed by Preferred of Kidron, OH, USA. 

We look forward to speaking with you directly about this superbly capable aircraft that will take your operational capabilities to the next level!

Flight Into Known Ice System!
Increased Gross Weight of 29,000 lbs!

Pratt & Whitney  Turbine Engines
PT6A-65AR (de-rated @ 1230SHP) 
PT6A-67R  (de-rated @ 1230SHP) 


  • 29,000 Max Takeoff Weight
  • 28,750 Max Landing Weight
  • 195 KTAS Cruise
  • 1170 Nautical Mile Range w/45 minutes Reserve

  • Garmin GNS or GTN GPS/Nav/Coms
  • Garmin GTX Transponders with ADSB
  • Garmin GDL XM weather receivers and GWX onboard Radar
  • Collins PN101 HSI Systems
  • Garmin or PS Engineering Audio Panels
  • Garmin or Honeywell Color Radar
  • Bendix/King KRA Radar Altimeter
  • Bendix/King KR-87 ADF
  • Other avionics options include King or Codan HF with Cell Call, Satellite Phone and tracking systems, Garmin GMX-200 MFD and BF Goodrich WX-500 Stormscope. We can also customize to meet your needs.

  • PT6A-65AR or -67R engines (1424 SHP de-rated to 1230 SHP)
  • 6000 Hour TBO
  • The cowling is easily Removable for Maintenance
  • Power Quadrant set up for the PT6

  • Hartzell 5 Blade Full Feathering and Reversible
  • Electric Heated De-ice Boots
  • Polished Spinners

Flight Controls
  • Balanced Ailerons
  • Geared Rudder with Servo Tab
  • Stability Augmentation System for Longitudinal Stability
  • Aileron Gap Closure Strips

De-Ice Equipment
  • Pneumatic Wing and Tail De-Ice Boots
  • Heated Windshields
  • Electrically Heated Inlet Lip Boots
  • Electric Inertial Separator
  • Electrically Heated Pitot Tubes and AOA Vane
  • Fuel System:
  • 2 Main Tanks and 4 Aux Tanks with 1032 Gallons Useable
  • Dual Boost Pumps in Main Tanks and Individual Transfer Pumps for the Aux Tanks
  • Interconnect System Between all Aux Tanks
  • Crossfeed System
  • Digital and Analog Fuel Indicators with Totalizer

Hydraulic System
  • 2 Engine Driven Pumps
  • Electric Emergency Pump

Fire Detecting and Extinguisher
  • Wire Loop Detecting System on Hot Battery Bus
  • 4 Engine Fire Extinguisher Bottles, 2 per side Mounted in the Wheel Wells

Electrical System
  • Dual 24 Volt 48 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
  • 9 Bus System with Emergency Hot Bus
  • 250 Amp Starter Generators (400 Amp Optional)

Additional Systems/Options
  • Goodyear Single Disc Brakes
  • Cabin Bleed Air Heat System
  • Galley with Hot Water and Refrigerator
  • Landing Gear Safety Latch
  • LED Anti Collision, Nav and Strobe Lights
  • Gear Mounted Taxi Lights
  • Payloader Type Fold up Passenger Seats
  • Side Facing Troop Seats
  • CVR