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“...used Enterprise Airʼs ski-equipped Basler (Turbine DC3 conversion) to mobilize a winter drill programme south of Le Grande 4, Northern Quebec, in 2002. Though new to our experience at the time, the company easily passed a rigorous safety audit and provided to be highly competent and professional throughout the operation".
jeremy howe
logistics co-ordinator
bhp billiton
Enterprise Aviation Group provided us with an aircraft and crew for the transport of our passengers within Antarctica. The environment can be hostile and is definitely remote, but Enterprise Air provided us with a highly experienced and professional crew to facilitate the operation and work with passengers.
anne kershaw
adventure network international

bell geospace

“Bell Geospace is an airborne geophysical acquisition company that has been in the business of acquiring high resolution gravity data for resource exploration companies for the past 16 years. In 2007 we were looking for a new, more flexible aircraft from which to perform our surveys and we found the Basler BT-67, which was particularly well suited for our needs. We immediately required an operator to not only fly our surveys but to operate all aspects of our flight operations including flights, maintenance, crewing, safety and record keeping. Basler told us that we should talk to Manny Rosario at ALCI Aviation, Ltd. in Oshawa, ON, Canada. We contracted ALCI to fly some test surveys for us in the summer of 2007 and found them to be a professional organization with a lot of BT-67 experience and a real desire to do whatever was necessary to make sure that Bell Geospace succeeded. When we purchased our first BT-67 the following year we chose ALCI based on the success we had with them during the test phase. In the six (6) years we have worked wit hALCI we have found them to be an excellent aircraft operator. They have a good relationship with Transport Canada and they have always operated our aircraft in a very professional, safe and efficient manner. They have operated our aircraft in many conditions including desert heart, Arctic cold, offshore flights, rainforest etc. They have done a very good job of maintaining our aircraft and communicating maintenance needs to us when they occur. Please let men now if you have specific questions about ALCI. In the mean time I am happy to recommend them to operate your BT-67”
scott hammond
president & ceo
bell geospace

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